The Spot SMp

A growing survival community with lots of custom features.


something for everyone

The Spot is one of the best servers out there! There’s a helpful staff team, as well as a range of vanilla-friendly plugins to make life a bit easier. Everyone is super friendly and accepting - within hours of joining I felt completely welcomed into the community. We have a balanced job-based economy, and absolutely no pay-to-win - players are rewarded for their playtime on the server. The Spot has something for everyone, no matter what you’re looking for!



A friendly server with a lot of regulars that is recently seeing a boom in popularity. The owner is kind and helps anyone new to the server. The server itself is semi-vanilla with a few tweaks (made for optimization), a economy and McMMO added into the mix. It's also completely free to play with an option to donate to the server if so you wish, donations can be cosmetics or a spot crate that will give you (and everyone online) a chance at some good loot.


vanilla experience

One of the most enjoyable 'vanilla' (plus some plugins of course) servers out there with Mcmmo balanced economy and very friendly community! As a newcomer u have people who gladly help u out finding a good place to stay, easy finding/making new friends, and one of the few servers where i barely notice any server lag / issues, and if so are fixed very quickly. overall a very positive vibe and player experience!