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The Spot SMp

A growing survival community with lots of custom features.


lovely server

The Spot is one of the best servers out there! There’s a helpful staff team, as well as a range of vanilla-friendly plugins to make life a bit easier. Everyone is super friendly and accepting - within hours of joining I felt completely welcomed into the community. We have a balanced job-based economy, and absolutely no pay-to-win - players are rewarded for their playtime on the server. The Spot has something for everyone, no matter what you’re looking for!



A friendly server with a lot of regulars that is recently seeing a boom in popularity. The owner is kind and helps anyone new to the server. The server itself is semi-vanilla with a few tweaks (made for optimization), a economy and McMMO added into the mix. It's also completely free to play with an option to donate to the server if so you wish, donations can be cosmetics or a spot crate that will give you (and everyone online) a chance at some good loot.


vanilla experience

One of the most enjoyable 'vanilla' (plus some plugins of course) servers out there with Mcmmo balanced economy and very friendly community! As a newcomer u have people who gladly help u out finding a good place to stay, easy finding/making new friends, and one of the few servers where i barely notice any server lag / issues, and if so are fixed very quickly. overall a very positive vibe and player experience!



I've been playing on the spot for a little while now and I can honestly say I am so in love with this server. nothing can compare to the warmth and friendliness of the players on here, and there's always people online to hang out with and it’s so easy to make friends on here: so you never have to be alone if you don’t want to be! everyone is so kind and helpful especially the staff who are absolutely amazing and so kind! the server is mainly vanilla with a few plugins such as McMMO that make the experience that much better. despite the fact that the server is always bustling with people it's never laggy which is so fantastic!



The Spot is a fantastic server to play on! The players and staff are active, responsive and friendly, so you’re never wanting for support or someone to play with. It’s mostly vanilla, with a few plug-ins to help with the grind and to keep everyone connected, but if the grind is your thing, it’s perfectly possible to avoid any help at all! With claims, player warps and a very easy to access guide, The Spot is entirely player driven. Ranks are through playtime, and while there is the option to donate, everything is free! Player shops, voting perks and a map big enough everyone can have a little corner of paradise, it’s strange you’re not already on it!