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In a world that is getting less and less connected, we’re here to connect people of all different ages and backgrounds. We aim to provide a safe space,  a place you can be yourself in without toxicity or drama.
Our dedicated staff team makes sure any issues or inquiries get resolved at a moment's notice, keeping the community focused on what matters: connecting, building and enjoying their time on a never-resetting map.
Our team aims to maintain these simple principles, that's what makes for a community like ours.


Our whole server is well-developed and configured till the end. Rather than bombarding players with flashy and complicated additions, we pride ourselves in our ability to enhance the vanilla experience without changing the core gameplay. Subtle features like Shops, Jobs, mcMMO, and GriefPrevention allow a more connected, integrated experience without impeding on the various play styles our players have


As a community-oriented server, we make it our mission to remove all forms of toxicity from The Spot, allowing players to enjoy their experience in a safe, accepting environment. Our rules, both in-game and on Discord, promote an inclusive atmosphere by not tolerating swearing, attacking others, or derogatory terminology.


By spending your time on The Spot, you're rewarded with in-game ranks that offer a variety of features and perks.

All of our playtime perks outshine the ones offered in our store, making for a rewarding experience no matter what you enjoy doing.